“Being a Union Sheet Metal Worker isn’t just a job, it’s a career”
Local 19’s Skating Party
Sunday, February 21st, 2014
11am – 2pm

Blue Cross River rink
Columbus Blvd & Market Street, Philadelphia
(For directions go to www.riverrink.com)

No charge for Members and their immediate family!

**Tickets are available on a First come/First serve basis and will be given out at the door. 
They are only for active members, retired members, spouses and dependent children**

(Includes skate rental & lunch, soda, coffee, tea and hot chocolate))

Christmas Party
Our Annual Christmas Party was held on Sunday, December 14, 2014, at Penns Landing Caterers. 

CLICK HERE for fun photos from the photobooth (use "photofun" to login)

E-Mail Santa!
Santa's address is santa@lu19.com. Send Santa an e-mail from your child and Santa will return a message via e-mail, back to your son or daughter. Parents, you can help Santa by informing him of one of the presents you are sure that your child will be receiving, maybe the one you will be dropping off for the Christmas Party.
Scholarship Program
Every year through the Karl Weinberg Scholarship Fund, Local 19 offers Academic and Random Scholarship awards to members, their spouses, or the dependent children of members. We are happy to announce that we are able to award eight scholarships again this year; Two (2) Academic and Two (2) Random.
The growth and development of our Scholarship Program is dependent upon the full participation of our membership. We rely not only on our members to buy and sell chances, but encourage your support in purchasing boosters, ads, and tickets to the Annual Dinner Dance in March. As proceeds from these purchases continue to increase each year, we in turn will be able to offer more scholarships and funding to the leaders of tomorrow. We should all feel responsible that our children receive the financial assistance to attain an education that will prepare them for the future. 

The Academic Awards are for twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) - Paid in three thousand dollar ($3,000) increments each year for four (4) years and are open to students entering their Freshman year of college in the Fall of 2015.

The Random drawing is open to students that are currently enrolled in college and those
entering college in the Fall of 2015. The Random scholarship is a one time award of three thousand dollars ($3,000). The winners will be selected at the March Philadelphia Union Meeting.

For more information on the Scholarship Program and to receive an application, please complete the application request and mail it back to the address on the form. All applications must be received by January 31, 2015, in order to be in the March Random drawing and to give the Scholarship Committee ample time to review all of the applications.

CLICK HERE for the Christmas party flyer & Scholarship application*
CLICK HERE to download raffle tickets
*The Scholarship requests forms are on the back of the flyer. Please mail them in ASAP so the Scholarship Applications can be mailed out to you.  Also, the raffle tickets will be sold at the door throughout the xmas party until the drawing.  If you need extras you are more than welcome to request them or pick them up at the hall.

25 & 50 year members who celebrated their time with the union 
at the annual dinner dance that was held on March 29, 2014.

CLICK HERE to read our blog: Shear Facts

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19 
34th Annual Dinner Dance
& Karl Weinberg Scholarship Awards
To view the photographs of the banquet online please visit: http://casella.zenfolio.com
Click on 2014Banquet & use the password: 1488
You can view prints or watch a slideshow.
Order online or call Casella Studios at 215-467-5915

Congratulations to the 2013 Sheet Metal Workers Christmas Party Raffle Winners!
1st Place Ed Passamonti
2nd Place Leo Wood
3rd Place Ron King
4th Place Donna Ledger 
1st Place is Ed Passamonti
Philadelphia Retired member – $5000.00 raffle winner who donated his sellers winnings of $500.00 to the Holiday Fund

2nd Place is Leo Wood
Philadelphia Retired Member - $1000 + $100 for being seller

3rd Place is Ron King
Temporarily Unemployed Philadelphia Member - $750 + $75 for being seller

4th Place is Donna Ledger
who is the Niece of member Jack Kolifrath and PLC Catering Admin Donna Kolifrath.  Donna Ledger won $500 and was unable to come get her photo taken.  Jack & Donna Kolifrath donated their $50 seller win back to the Holiday fund as well.

Penns Landing Caterers raises the bar for banquet food.  Penns LandingCaterers treats you to hot, bountiful, delicious food regardlessof your budget.  Best of all, our pricing includes linens, floral arrangement, and gratuity.

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a corporate dinner, or any type of social function, our experienced Banquet staff will show you how we can personalize your affair and make it unforgettable from beginning to end. 

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Apprentice CPR
Among the things third year apprentice Jeffrey Lyons learned at the SMWIA Local 19 Training Center was how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, more commonly referred to as CPR. As it turns out, it is a good thing he did. On the morning of Tuesday, August 2nd, while at work for Environmental Air Services, Inc., in Clifton Heights, co-worker Tim Kollhoff became ill and eventually was unconscious on the floor of the shop. While waiting for the Emergency Medical Technicians to arrive, Jeffrey was able to remain calm, think clearly, and put the CPR training he had received into practice.  The twenty-seven year old Jeffrey, with the help of Jake Kollhoff, Tim’s brother, worked on Tim until the Emergency Medical Technicians arrived. Coworkers, who were present, at the time, remarked how calm and collected Mr. Lyons remained as he took control of the situation and showed no sign of panic. Had it not been for Jeffrey’s training and quick thinking, things could have turned out differently. 

Article originally appeared in SMCA Philadelphia September 2011 newsletter. Reprinted with permission.


Thanks to those who supported the Harrisburg Rally for a Responsible Budget.

As a direct result of our green initiatives and spring presentations, an article was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding fume hoods.  The job that local 19 members worked at Villanova University will be a case study for other customers to use as part of their safety and energy efficiency improvements. 

SMCA and Local 19 are pleased to announce the 2011 Presentation Series.

RSVP at www.greenhvacsolutions.org for a chance to win an iPod. 
Winners will be announced after each event. 

Find more on our industries green programs at www.greenhvacsolutions.org.